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DIY : Petal Garland


DIY : Petal Garland

Karissa Olson

I thought I'd show you all how to make a quirky fun little garland with Petals. 

This DIY could be done with a variety of different materials, but in this case I used non-traditional Christmas colors and some off-beat decorations to pair with my garland.

Here's what you will need:



safety pins

rope or garland of some sort 

I first hung my rope on a large frame and let it fall where it may. Then once that was in place I safety pinned my Petals around the rope. I only used 6 Petals for this, you can use more or less, but I wanted to show what you can do with less and still make an impact. You could also bunch them up together in a corner as more of a clustered impact. 

I also added in some other ornaments to fill space and add texture. 

Easy as that! 

If you try this on your own be sure to hashtag "petalstyle" or tag "petalsofchiffon". I LOVE to see your own style with Petals.

Have fun!!