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Bigger + Better

Karissa Olson


2014 is going to be bigger and better. It's decided, called it, it's happening. Bigger and better adventures, ideas, relationships, investments, everything! It was really tough to narrow it down, but to make it doable, here's my 5 resolutions: 

1. love more

All people, without reserve, always

2. give more

I want to be more generous with my time, my words, my gifts, and my finance.

3. travel more

More adventures!! Not sure where I'll be going yet or how I'll do it, I just know it's happening.

4. more creativity/originality

I'm ready to challenge myself more and get my hands dirty.

5. believe for more

Always expect more and for bigger and better things!


Here we go 2014! I'm ready and expectant for an amazing year, the best one yet! xx