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We're a Southern California based accessories company that has a love for textiles, fashion, beauty, and the women who wear them. Our passion is to bring you the best handmade accessories to add a little beauty to your world. 


LA fabric excursion

Karissa Olson

In preparation for the next season of Petals of Chiffon, a couple of friends and I went up to the Fashion District in LA in search of textiles and notions. SO thankful I had two pros with me to navigate the crazy. I've never had so many choices or options! My eyes have been opened and now I'm just itching to go back!


We immediately fell in love with Michael Levine's. My heaven. Completely organized, easy to navigate, more choices than I knew what to do with, and textiles I just drooled over (another project for another time). It's so large there's two locations, one with all fashion and another with all upholstery and household fabrics.  The aesthetics are very warehouse like, but the product is gold.



We had a blast rummaging through bolts and bolts and bolts. I was so surprised to find such gems! We found a few more amazing storefronts and very helpful salesmen who were very patient with my lengthy decision making process. :) 



Me. My winnings. A wookie. Hey, it's LA. 


Afterward we visited Silver Lake to reenergize and relax after a very successful morning. We happened upon LA Mill Coffee  and were greeted by the most beautiful coffee shop/cafe experience I've had in awhile. French toile wallpaper and mirrors covering the walls, gold chandeliers, marble countertops, and the loveliest mint and teal armchairs to settle into. It was divine, and the service was amazing too. We opted for iced lattes, Americanos, and pastries sugared only by the dates baked inside. Pretty sure I also saw an orange and cacao infused coffee that I may need to come back for.



Can't wait for the next trip!! xx