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We're a Southern California based accessories company that has a love for textiles, fashion, beauty, and the women who wear them. Our passion is to bring you the best handmade accessories to add a little beauty to your world. 


wedding petals | belt

Karissa Olson

Create this look!

- ribbon

- 2 small Petals

- 1 large Petal

This is actually the same as the headpiece, cut the ribbon to size, magnet the Petal cluster on the ribbon and position to where you like. This is a fun addition for you as the bride OR for your bridesmaids. Like any of our DIYS, these Petals can be used for other purposes post-Big Day. 

wedding petals | bouquet

Karissa Olson

Make this bouquet yourself!

-glue gun and glue

-2 rolls of ribbon

-styrofoam cone - 6" diam.



-size mix of 7 Petals


1. We hot glued ribbon strings length-wise down the cone. You can change up the color of the ribbon or use the same color around the entire cone.

2. Wrap the ribbon of your choice around the top of the mouth of the cone to finish it off. We used a fun sparkly ribbon for some added flair. 

3. Cut the ends of the ribbons hanging at an angle. We cut ours at different lengths to make it a little playfully uneven.

4. Stick pins or even metal bobby pins in the top of the cone to magnet the flowers to.

*The best part about this bouquet is A. It's not going to wilt if you make it ahead of time, and B. you can take all the Petals off when you're done to use as accessories or give away!

*Have fun beautiful!

BAGS are here!

Karissa Olson

BAG! This will be way funnier if A. you're Minnesotan or B. you've ever heard me say "BAG", "TAG", "SNAG", "RAG"...

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